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One of the most important communication situations you can be in is a job interview. You will find the following checklist helpful to review in preparing for a job interview. In fact, if you are employed, it is helpful to be sure you can address these issues:

1.  How is my physical appearance?

2.  How self assured do I seem?

3.  Can I communicate the following during the interview in a clear, concise and interesting manner?

How I represent a return on my employer's total investment in my pay and benefits if I am hired?

Specific examples of my achievements at work

My knowledge of the industry

Knowledge of my potential employer's company

4.  Can I demonstrate with concrete examples?

Maturity and readiness to take on responsibility

Desire and enthusiasm to learn and grow on the job

Positive attitudes towards management and co-workers

Commitment and involvement: doing more than the basic job requires

Understanding the technical language and practices of the industry

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