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Ten reasons why your company should use the expertise of the TOP agency in Cleveland ...



1.  Today's astute job seekers (both Direct Hire and Temporary) are using our service.

2.   Our staff is in the marketplace 365 days a year.

3.    We offer enhanced odds that you'll find the best employee on a direct hire and temporary basis.

4.   The Office Professionals absorbs the total screening expense for our Direct Hire division; and all advertising, taxes, insurance, and liability of our Temporary Division.

5.   We are not restricted to advertising or limited referrals.

6. We guarantee our Direct Hire service for six full months, the best guarantee in the industry.  We provide superior temporary employees. Let us know if we don't!

7.   We offer speed and efficiency--in many instances this represents a cost savings to our client.

8. Hiring a maximum employee reduces training needed from the company and provides immediate productivity.

9. The service fee we charge is a tax deductible expense for our clients.

10. Our Direct Hire service fee is on a contingency basis; our bill rate for our temporary service is always priced to be competitive and sensitive to the local economy.